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Living On Spain's Costa Blanca

Living on Spain's Costa Blanca
Family Living in SpainLiving full time in Spain and working in your own business on the Costa Blanca is very different to living and working in the UK. First of all the weather's great and the lifestyle is much more relaxed. People have a smile on their face and Spain is still very much a country where family values are important.

If you are buying a lifestyle business such as a bar or restaurant, your customers are your friends and the business is a reflection of your attitude to life

If you have kids they can settle quickly into Spanish schools and quickly be learning Spanish and the local Valenciano languages. Schools are good on the Costa Blanca. There are state schools and also international schools which prepare students for further education in Spain or back in the UK.

The national healthcare system is one of the best in Europe and English doctors and dentists and healthcare services are available with private health plans

Sounds great

But there are frustrations. Any move brings pressure and the responsibility of running your own business will be a challenge. In the early days you will need to commit real effort to it. Your family may take time to settle down and Spain's bureaucracy is legendary.

At BBS we understand these issues. That's why we work with you to take as much of the stress out of your new business as possible.

Then you can settle down to taking the business of enjoying your new life seriously.
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