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Your Business In Spain

Your Business In Spain
Spain is still very much a country of small family businesses. From beach restaurants run by three generations of the same family to self employed plumbers, decorators and builders.

Buying a business in Spain should be easy but for someone coming new to the country it can be confusing and Spanish bureaucracy can drag on for ever. BBS and our network of professional contacts will work with you to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Some key things you need to know about buying a business in Spain

Do I need a visa to work in Spain?

As the UK is part of the European Union, you do not need a visa to work in Spain. You will need to register for a NIE number (National Identification Number), which is a very simple procedure that we help you with.

How much money can I expect to make from a bar?

Profit margins are normally in the region of 60-70%.

Types of Business

It makes sense to take over an existing business with immediate turnover and cashflow, a history of trading and an established position in the local marketplace. Some business types are:
  • Autonomo - This is similar to sole trader status in the UK
  • Sociedad Limitada (SL) - This is similar to a UK limited company
  • Freehold means that you buy the business and property outright
  • Leasehold In Spain this is often called a traspaso business. This is the most common form where you buy the business from the owner and (separately) sign a lease for the premises with the landlord When you buy in this way normally the price includes the business, goodwill and fixtures and fittings of the unit.
If you want to start your business form scratch we can find appropriate premises in the right location. Usually you then take a completely empty local (office or shop) and then you have the responsibility of installing everything. Eg) Floors, windows, electrics, water etc.

How does the tax system and accounting work?

We ensure that you receive full support and professional advice. We will therefore introduce you to a professional accountant who will set up the correct paperwork for the tax offices and any employees you may take on. On an ongoing basis, the accountant will take care of your paperwork to ensure you pay the minimum amount of tax necessary, this is done at a very reasonable price.

I don't speak any Spanish, will this be a problem?

In the tourist resorts, English is widely spoken. Many businesses have all English speaking customers and suppliers have English speaking representatives. There are many expatriates living in Spain from all walks of life and you will be able to find English-speaking, professional builders, accountants and anything else you may need. In fact, we will be able to introduce you to many English speaking professionals to help you along your way.

Will it be easy for me to obtain the licences for a business in Spain?

If you are buying an established business, then the procedure is very simple with a change of name only needed on the license. If however, new paperwork is needed to obtain the licence then we can help you with this to ensure that all runs smoothly.
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